If Disney made a live action Robin Hood movie..

Kickstarter guys? I've got 5 on it. Might we also suggest Michael Cera as Toby the Turtle.

10 Dumbest People on Facebook

Dumb people on Facebook will never go away. You probably witness some terrible posts. But, these 10 dumb Facebook statuses take the cake..

6 Best Dog Smiles You’ll Ever See…

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How to Ignore/Block Facebook Event Invites

It seems like it happens almost every day! You get Facebook invited to an event you have absolutely no interest in going to. Often times you might receive several invitations daily from various friends, family, and...

SPOTTED: Real Celebrities on Facebook

This is a question that we get pretty often... Are Celebrities on Facebook? YES! Just like you and me, celebrities are on Facebook. Don't go searching Facebook for Justin Bieber just yet! There are a couple...