Talking dog on Britain’s Got Talent Watch out. Don't scold your dog. someday he/she might talk back to you! I'm with Simon on this one, this is unbelievable. After seeing this video I just had to share it with everyone...

Job Interview-Monty Python Skit

Do you have a job interview horror story?

Walking Into Glass Doors – Ellen

Share if you've ever walked into a glass door!

Superman IRL The serious look on his face makes this video. All this is missing is a high quality melodic soundtrack to be an actual scene in the next Superman film. 5/5 would watch again.

Extreme Phone Pinching

Is it worth the risk?

8 Year Old Boxer Can Kick Your Butt This kid is quick! Keep up the good work, and never let anyone bring you down. Of course, I don't think they could ever bring her down. She would certainly kick your butt. While...

Kid Nails Bruce Lee Nunchuk Routine This family reeeeally loves Bruce Lee. Phenomenal dedication by this kid. How did he have enough time to memorize this routine? By this age I could barely manage to watch a full episode of Sesame Street....

Who’s The Bigger Man?